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I'm in my mid 20s, a graduate of Salisbury State University with a degree in biology. I'm a stay at home mom with an adorable son who is two years old. I'm also taking classes with Wor-Wic Community College to become a vet assistant, as I have not found much else to do with my BS in Biology. (I'm limited by my convictions. I refuse to kill things for a living.)  I'm a member of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Salisbury, where I taught Sunday School for four years. Now that I have a son, I get to enjoy the services for a change! I'm also a student at www.witchschool.com,  working on my First Degree in Correllian Wicca. My family has recently moved to Delmar, Maryland where we are cultivating our property in to a native garden, and planting lots of trees.

My Pagan Resume

I started studying Paganism in the fall of 1995 when I met my college sweetheart, who is now my husband. Yes, it's true, Wicca is a sexually transmitted religion. LOL While living on campus at Salisbury State University, I did work a few time in groups with other Wiccans, but I didn't get involved in off campus pagan community until I moved off campus in the summer of 1998. The first thing I did was join the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Salisbury (www.uufs.net) where I taught UU Sunday School for four years. During this time I read many books, focusing on Starhawk and Scott Cunningham. I met some other Pagans via the internet and have developed some long term friendships. (You know who you are!) 

Organizations on the other hand have not been long-term. So many groups fizzled, and some friendships too, that for a long time I just stuck to email lists, and www.meetup.com events, and the UU. I lead about one Pagan oriented service a year at the UU in an attempt to keep people informed and educated. I did have some success with the "Salisbury Earth Based Spirituality Group" which I organized at the UU, but when my son came along, I became very busy with my family life and had to give that up as well. 

Vincent was born in March of 2002, which also is the year that Dover, DE had it's first Pagan Pride Day which I immediately volunteered to run the children's activities for. Using "Circle Round" as a guide, I developed a reusable kit of crafts and stories to entertain the kids. It was a great success, the kids, and many adults too,  loved making sunflower hats, TP Tube Rattles, and Harvest Wreaths.  The following year I again volunteered my services and brought along some good friends to help out.  One event a year was as much as I could handle, and it filled my need to serve my fellow pagans, and to help out my fellow parents as well. I truly felt like I had a purpose in the pagan community.

At the Dover Pagan Pride Day in 2003 I spontaneously organized a Pagan Parenting Picnic with members of my Delmarva Pagan Parenting email list which had a great turnout! It's become an Annual event for my list, as we are so spread apart. Anyway, I heard that some parents were studying Wicca online via www.witchschool.com . I had been to this site before, but I wasn't sure it was legitimate or not. So I asked what people thought of it, and decided I would check it out. Later that month I became a "Supporting Member" and Student at the online school and began my formal study of Wicca in the Correllian Tradition.

As I write this "resume" I am still working on my First Degree with the Correllian Tradition of  Wicca, but I've also become active in some online groups. I'm a moderator at www.collegewicca.com which is a great site and forum for Wiccans of all ages.  I'm also the moderator of the Teen and Pagan Parenting Forums  at www.correlliancommons.com .  I've also had some written works published, most notably, an article called "Parenthood and the Pagan Community" published in Pagan Net News, a free newsletter. You can also find some articles in Acorns, an online free Pagan Home schooling newsletter.

In December of 2003 we achieved a major goal of our, we purchased our first home in Delmar, MD on 1.7 acres of land. With this goal achieved, I now have a home big enough, and a yard big enough, to host private Pagan events, circles etc. This summer I'm kicking things off with a Summer Solstice BBQ and I hope that I can stir up some interest in an informal circle. Granted, I can't hold public events at my home, but I have learned that before one can have any kind of group, there need to be established friendships that naturally evolve into a Circle. I hope that my BBQ will get people who all know me, to meet each other and form new friendship and bonds. I also hope to introduce some "in the closet" folks to others with a like mind, because I know how lonely that broom closet can get. It may take a long time for a Circle to naturally evolve, but at least this way I feel like I'm doing something about the lack of Pagan Community on the Eastern Shore.

What's New?

Update 5/27/04: The PPD has chainged it's date to September 19th. Also, you can find me at http://www.go-gaia.com where I've become an active member of the "Fluffy Rehabilitation Guild".

Well, for one thing this site is new. I've been meaning to create an online collection of my works and I've found FreeServers to have a decent online web builder and editor.

I'm also working on the Children's Activities for Dover's Annual Pagan Pride Day on September 26th, 2004. If you are interested in helping please contact me!

Oh, as far as future updates goes, I'm planning on a resource page for Pagan Parents next.

If I can think of anything else going on I'll defiantly post it here.

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Blessed Be!