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Prayers, Spells, Rituals and Essays

Most Pagans keep a journal of their spells, prayers, and liturgy called a "Book of Shadows". I have both a journal and a book that I preserve finished poems and prayers in. I've also written some longer pieces on various Wiccan topics. Enjoy!

Altar to Athena

This is a photo of my first Altar to Athena, taken in the Summer of 2003 at my old apartment.

  My Third Day Prayer to Athena

Oh, wise Athena with your spear and shield,

protect me and my family from injustice and harm.

 Council me with your wisdom so that I may make the best decisions.

Grant me success in my endevors,

 but keep me humble so that I might not become condescending to others.

 I thank you for the many times you have guided me on my Path.

Share with me your mysteries and I will do my best to follow.

Athena, my Goddess, I pray this in your sacred name,

 and I vow to always be your faithful dedicant.

-Dove origninal 4/3/04

Maiden Goddess Prayer

Great Maiden Goddess,

bright crescent of the New Moon,

help me to recognize the promise of new beginnings.

Teach me your wild mysteries of youth and innocence,

knowing that they will prepare me for the consequences of my actions.

Help me to explore this life and all it's possibilities,

 so that I might choose a Path wisely.

Even when I am burdened with other's expectations,

 help me to find the playful joy in life.

Teach me to recognize when pleasure is sacred, and when it is not,

 so that I do not cause harm to others or myself.

 This I pray, Great Maiden Goddess,

so that I may become a powerful Maiden in your image.


Blessed Be!

--Dove original 4/16/04

Dark Moon Goddess Prayer

Dark Moon Goddess shrouded in mystery,

Though I can't see your shining face I must remember:

You are still there when the path is hidden from me. I will not despair.

Give me the courage to walk the path threw the dark moments of my life,

Because just as the moon is reborn each month,

so will my life again be filled with light.

Every thing you touch changes

and very thing that changes has been touched.

Touch me, Dark Moon Goddess, so that I may change.

So Mote  It Be!


Real Pagans Don't Use Drugs!


Prayer for Pagan Community

This prayer is a work in progress, it will be here soon!


Blessed Be!