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"Parents and children are apart of the community, and they should be our most important part, because many of our children will become the future leaders of our community.  I’m warning everyone:  in about 5-10 years we are going to have a Pagan Baby Boom, and if you are a leader of a physical offline group, you better be prepared to include children and be flexible with parents. "

Morning Dove, "Parenthood and the Pagan Community"  PaganNet News Vol. 11 Issue 2

Yes, it's true, we have and raise cute little babbies and some of us teach them about our faith. Many of us want to teach our kids with out forcing our beliefs on our kids. We want them to know what it is we believe and we want them to have a choice. Many Parents want their children to be included in ritual, festivals, Pagan Pride Days, etc. We also want them to lear about other faiths to so that at some point in a child's life they can make an informed decision about religion. Here are some resources for parents and leaders for educating our youngest participants about our Lord and Lady. 

Publications and Organizations  Circle Round by Starhawk is by far the best book our there for parents and organizations. It has activities and stories for each holiday, the moons, and for the elements. There is music, recipies, prayers, and suggestions for rituals for each holiday. Even if you don't have kids, this is a great resouce for ritual creation. There is also a seperate CD that you can purchase that has many of the songs from the book included.  The Blessed Be is one of the few pagan newsletters dedicated to parenting and children. It's quaterly but well worth it. There are articles on parenting, stories for children, activities, and much more. Wild Animal Babies is a monthly publication from the National Wildlife Federation, the makers of Ranger Rick, and Big Back Yard. Their Wild Animal Babies publication is like a board book magazine for toddlers, and I highly recomend it and the other publications. They might not be Pagan, but they are about nature, and that's where it all starts, with a love of nature.

Organizations  If you are looking to network with other Pagan Parents, this is the group for you. With Meetup you sign up in your area by your zip code and vote on a place to meet. It's very simple system, and a great way to meet other pagan parents. Spiral Scouts is a co-ed earth based scouting alturnative to the Boy and Girl Scouts. It's growing rapidly with groups in 20 states, and in Canada.  Say good by to "Kum-by-ya" and hello to "We all Come from the Goddess"! Goddess Moon Circles Academy is an online school for home schooling families. If you are looking for a Pagan friendly homescholing curriculum, try here. GMCA can also serve as an "umbrella school" if your state requires one.  Meet Up, if you haven't heard of it yet, is a growing site that provides a simple way for people of like interestes to meet in real life, anywhere in the US, and many other countries too. You enter you zipcode, and your email and once a month you vote on a venue to meet. It's that simple. The only catch is that you have to have 5 people RSVP or the meetup is cancled. Finding good venues can be hard to, but give it time.

Web Articles, Stories and Activities

Articles for Parents

"Can We Go Home Now, Mommy?" 

This is a good article that hits on exactly the issue covens are having when couples have children. I think it's important to have kid oriented rituals, as well as adult rituals, and to let the children decided when they are ready for the grown up rituals. I would like to see more information on just what makes a good kid oriented ritual, and I have a huntch that the best inspiration will come from our children themselves.

"Welcoming Your Baby: Pagan Traditions" 

This article from Beliefenet has many good suggestions on ritual ways to welcome and introduce your child to the Pagan community, or your Pagan Family.

"Legal Smarts for Pagan Parents" 

An excellent article for Pagan Parents of kids of all ages! I also recomend becoming a friend or member of your local UU fellowship.

"Why Home Schooling?" 

This article is one mothers reasons and experiences with homeschooling in the state of Maryland. School is a big issue, weither you are Pagan or not, and I advise lots of research before making such a huge decision that will be a great impact on your child's life, either way. I'm personaly nutral on the issue of homeschooling, some of us are teacher and some of us arn't. On the other hand, I'm disapointed in our public schools.

"Racing the Rumor Mill" 

Just what exactly do you do when your child is called a "Devil Worshiper"? One mom's experience and how she sucessfuly handled the situation.

"Pagan Parenting" 

One parent's views and opinions on just what it means to parent with our pagan values, and what childhood is about from a pagan prospective.

Stories and Crafts for Children

Pagan Coloring Books 

Includes many deities and the wheel of the year images.

Robin Woods Coloring Pages 

 Great for older kids and adults. Images are from some familer books, so don't be surprized if you have seen these before.

PDF Coloring Books by Eliza 

A wonderful collection of coloring books on Pagan themes.

A Child's Book of Wicca 

To find the children's stories, click on the fiction link to the left of the page. This is a wonderful collection of stories that I hope will one day become a published book! I feel that it's apropreate for middle school and junior high, but probably not for teens. I would print out a hard copy if you like them, as such stories are hard to find, and the internet can be unreliable.

Children's Activities for the Wheel of the Year 

Many good ideas here, but still a work in progress.